Repax - Reusable Moving Crates in Baltimore, Maryland; New York, NY; Washington DC, Boston, Los Angles

Move Smart™

The quicker, cleaner, and cheaper alternative to moving with cardboard boxes. Price My Move


Our 3-Step Process Makes Moving Easy.

More On The Repax Process
  • Step One - Call Repax


  • Step Two - Pack


  • Step Three - Return the Bundle

    Give Back.

  • Select Your Date. Schedule a delivery and pick-up time for the Repax crates.

  • Pack Up Your Stuff. Once the crates are full, simply stack them on a dolly then roll them to the truck.

  • Call Repax Back. When you are done moving we will pick up the empty crates. No worries for you or the environment.

With Repax™, it's Easy and Environmentally Friendly to Move.

Quicker. Cleaner. Cheaper.

Customers return to Repax™ because they don't want to deal with dirty cardboard boxes during or after their move. We drop off our crates and pick them up when you're done.

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